Using Chatbots to collect customer feedback


Collecting data on prospects and customers is one of the many solutions to learn how to adapt to their needs. Chatbots are emerging as valuable tools in this quest for information, offering an efficient and practical way to collect feedback. This is the reason why many companies integrate digital marketing into their strategies. If you are considering doing so too, learn about the benefits of adopting the use of bots and the methods of collecting them.

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What is a feedback collection chatbot?

A feedback chatbot is an automation tool that allows businesses to collect customer feedback interactively. Unlike traditional survey forms, chatbots use conversational conversations to engage customers and collect their feedback in a more natural and engaging way. For effective feedback collection, it is advisable to find the best english chatbot to streamline communication.

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A chatbot can be integrated into different communication channels, such as websites, mobile applications or social networks. This provides customers with a seamless experience and guarantees ease of use.

Benefits of using chatbots to collect feedback

Using chatbots to collect feedback offers several significant benefits to businesses.

Increased interactivity

The first advantage is undoubtedly the interactivity of the conversation tool. Through their programming, they can engage customers in an interactive and friendly way. This encourages more active participation and higher quality feedback, compared to traditional collection methods.

Accessibility 24/7

Unlike traditional surveys which have limited hours, chatbots are available at all times. They can therefore collect comments at any time, even outside office hours.


Automated conversation tools can also personalize questions based on the behavior and preferences of surveyed customers. As a result, the comments collected are more relevant and specific.

Automatic processing

This is also an advantage of these tools powered by artificial intelligence. They don't just collect information. Customer responses are automatically recorded and analyzed. Companies are therefore guaranteed to obtain information in real time, which promotes rapid decision-making.

Considering all the benefits mentioned, using a chatbot to collect feedback is a great idea. More than humans, chatbots provide more relevant information, but also faster. In a competitive environment, they simply allow you to always be one step ahead of your rivals who still use traditional collection methods.

What are the methods for collecting feedback from chatbots ?

To make data collection more efficient, a chatbot uses several methods to collect feedback. Among the most practical, we can find these:

Contextual surveys

Chatbots can ask relevant questions to customers as they interact with an app or website. For example, after an online purchase, a chatbot can ask the customer to leave a comment on their purchasing experience. This information can be used to improve the customer's purchasing journey.

Live chat

Chatbots can be integrated into live conversations with customers. They can then ask open-ended questions to gather instant feedback on a product or service. Live chat can be done from many channels. During direct chat, the bot simultaneously serves as customer support and can also help generate leads. So that’s another big advantage.

Automated surveys

Automatic surveys via messaging channels such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger are also possible with chatbots. These surveys can be personalized based on customer preferences and behaviors. Insights previously collected on customers can therefore prove useful at this level. With the absence of collection agents, the results are most of the time unbiased.

Post-purchase tracking

After a purchase or customer service interaction, chatbots can send follow-up messages. In these messages, they can ask customers to give feedback on their experience using the purchased product or service. They can also ask customers for suggestions for improvement to increase their satisfaction with future purchases.

It is recommended to use several methods at the same time. Don't limit yourself to just one, especially since a bot can do everything at the same time. This way, you will be able to obtain a veritable wealth of information very quickly. This is the basis for taking advantage of this tool effectively in this area.